Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Posessed with Pumpkins

I'm originally from Morton, Illinois, (I say)
where the Libby's Pumpkin Canning Plant is,
When a shipment would come in, we would go watch
the pumpkins go up the ramps, sort of like watching
the bears at the dump for people not in Wis.

This time of year, I'm consumed with pumpkinesque
fantasies, and of course, being lactose intolerant
doesn't help that I can't go to the ice cream shop
and glom onto some Pumpkin Ice Cream. So I do
what I can.

ALSO there was mincemeat in this recipe, which I
swiped from the Eagle Brand site. I Photoshopped
it out. Bad! Bad! I don't even know what mincemeat
is comprised of. I had some one time at JennyTurner's house,
my fickle best friend as a child, and it reminds
me of her and I don't wanna look at it. So your
pumpkin bread will come out with less speckles than
in the pic. (Judy was a far better friend) Thanks Judy!

Here's the Way to get
My Kid to eat Squash!

Fritos Squash, October 17, 2007 · This is one of Kaleta Doolin's favorite recipes from the original Fritos brochure. (Her dad invented Fritos)


5 yellow summer squash

1/2 medium-size onion, chopped

4 oz. Fritos

White Sauce

1/2 cup milk

1 tablespoon butter

1 tablespoon white flour

Saute chopped onion in small amount of butter or margarine. Slice and steam squash in small amount of water and season to taste. Spread layer of squash and chopped onion in casserole and cover with a layer of equal mixture of breadcrumbs and crushed Fritos. Repeat this procedure, making four layers.

Make white sauce, using 1/2 cup milk, 1 tablespoon butter, and 1 tablespoon flour. Pour white sauce over the squash mixture and allow to penetrate. Cover top with layer of whole Fritos. Bake in a medium hot oven (375 degrees) for 20-30 minutes.

Serves six.