Monday, May 21, 2007


Did you know you can supercharge your vanilla for cookies, cakes, whatever? It's great with anything that needs a boost, I do oatmeal cookies with it, it's easy. You need a sharp knife, exacto knife or a razor blade (ow.) You'll need a really nice vanilla bean or two, maybe the bourbon type. Rinse off the bean and pat dry. Slice the vanilla bean(s) all the way down the length of it, and scrape out the little black seeds. Put those little black seeds, and when you're finished, the husk into a store bought bottle of real vanilla. Shake like crazy. Reshake when you use it, and be careful not to pour out the husks. Too Chewy. As long as there's enough vanilla in the bottle, the alcohol seems to keep the beans pretty well for a long time. I'm not kidding, people will flip out over your baking, and they won't know how you did it.

Oven Crunchy Onion Rings

Not soggy frozen ones, from
Man, this site is great, conversions, retentive attn to detail.
Lots of Pics, step by step. Click this title.