Monday, April 21, 2008

An Ode to Tilapia

Our meat market carries it...not that unusual...but they have it encrusted in various flavors. is to die for. The fish is mild..not fishy in the least. The toppings aren't thick or heavy...but they are wonderful. Friday night we had Tortilla encrusted; tonight, Coconut. 15 minutes in the oven, 5 minutes under the broiler. I found some frozen brown rice (by Bird'sEye), threw the fillets on top, baked it...heaven. Tonight, I am using rice pilaf. The fish is low calorie, the toppings add minimal cals and by added fat is used.

I had all but stopped eating fish when my husband gave up fishing for other, more stupid, hobbies, *rolling my eyes* but I am happy to have found Tilapia..thanks to my brother Jim, and SIL, Becky :)

Try it, you'll like it!