Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ravioli Madness

I had company for a few days..the main part of our visits are based on or around food. My family is Italian, so I have never known any other way...and now, my girls are being initiated into the life. Carnivores on a grand scale, they are skinny little women who could clean a cow carcass quicker than gotta love that. LOL To that end, dinner at home was going to be sort of international: Toasted ravioli, chicken fingers, Chicken Piccata,and Spanakopita ( spinach pie ). Dessert was a free for all and dangerous to by standers.

The ravioli is the only new thing we were trying to make at home. OMG, you have HAVE to do this. It would be perfect anytime; parties, dinner, just because.

Breadcrumbs ( plain or seasoned )
Fresh flatleaf parlsey
Fresh parmesan cheese, grated
2 eggs, beaten
olive oil ( or veg )
Fresh Ravioli..your choice of fillings.
( try to find the large ravioli for your convenience)
Marinara, Alfredo, and meat sauce for dipping

Chop parsley; add parsley, and cheese to bread crumbs. Put on large flat plate or shallow bowl.
Egg wash raviloi, dip in seasoned bread crumbs. Make sure they are well covered.
Brown in oil in flat bottomed skillet til brown on both sides.

Serve with your choice of dipping sauce.

Stand back and prepare to be loved and adored. :)