Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Mom Called, All Excited.

Get yer bundt pan out! Spray it with Pam.

She took a package of Grands® refrigerator biscuits, opened it up, and took the rolls apart, cut each biscuit in half. She cubed up a package of cream cheese, and placed a cube of cream cheese on top of each biscuit half, and folded the dough up around it and sealed it. She then brushed each lump of filled balls with butter, then rolled it in sugar, and placed the balls seam up evenly around the bundt pan, and sprinkled any leftover sugar and butter on top, and baked it for 45 minutes at 350 degrees.

When it came out of the oven, she up-ended it onto a large plate, and served it with fresh sugared strawberries on top, and everybody went crazy.

She added that you could also make it with cinnamon sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon or afterwards drizzle powdered sugar mixed with a little milk on top.