Monday, November 3, 2008

Easy Peasy Rice and Cheesy

'K, this post has NOTHING to do with rice or cheese...just so ya know that upfront. However, the recipe that will eventually show up in this post is easy.

Many moons ago, I gave a surprise wedding shower....but the bride wasn't the one surprised, it was me.
My friend, the bride, proudly announced "I'M GETTING MARRIED IN 3 WEEKS!!! and you are giving me a shower in 2 weeks."

I allowed her to live,the shower and the wedding both went off without a hitch. Since time was of the essence..and I really was operating under duress..the menu was appetizers and dessert. There were 30 women at this shower and I got 30 requests for the recipe. I was evil and refused my friend's request for weeks. *evil smile*

Please see cook's notes at end of recipe.

Fruit Filled Cake AKA: TADA!

1 lg. can pie filling of your choice

2 sticks butter/margerine, melted and slightly cooled

4 med.lg eggs slightly beaten

1 tsp. vanilla extract

2 cups of flour

Mix all ingredients in one large bowl. Pour 1/2 batter into UNgreased 13x9 pan; spoon pie filling into imaginary squares across pan..cover with remaining batter.

Bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 min. til done.

You may leave this plain,sprinkle with confectionery sugar, drizzle a glaze and sprinkle with nuts..the choice is all yours.
Cut into squares and serve.
Cover LOOSELY as this cake is moist and will end up soggy if you cover too tightly.

````Cook's notes````

You will have to work quickly as this batter is thick and continues to thicken; do not panic if there are bare spots when you cover the pie filling with remaining batter as it will most likely bake over. ( this does not apply to gaping holes however lol )

Use most any fruit filling you desire. I have made nearly every kind on the market; for the shower I made cherry, strawberry, and blueberry. I topped each dish differently..and there were NO leftovers. There never are when I make this dessert. Except for the time my MIL was over..but that is another story for a different me.

( I am most fond of the apple filling..I suck at making pies, I truly do..and this dessert, made with French apple filling, fills that void for me. I serve it with French Vanilla icecream..but prefer it w/Cinnamon icecream when I can find it. )